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In the Lab

On-Site, On-Point.

We are committed to understanding common pathogens better than any UVC LED manufacturer and leveraging this knowledge to create disinfection solutions that enable our partners to succeed, which is why we built and manage our very own on-site microbiology lab.

Klaran UVC LEDs for consumer appliances
Crystal IS microbiology lab

Getting a Deeper Understanding of Pathogens

In order to build the most effective UVC LED-based disinfection systems, it's important to understand the common pathogens that contaminate water, air, and surfaces. At the Crystal IS on-site microbiology lab, we have the resources to safely study common pathogens in a controlled environment and assess the performance of UVC LED disinfection systems against these pathogens. Being able to determine the performance of our products under real-life field applications allows us to create better disinfection solutions.

Klaran UVC LEDs for consumer appliances
Richard Mariita, MSc., Ph.D.

Bringing Expert Insights to Real World Problems

Our microbiology lab is led by Dr. Richard Mariita, a professional microbiologist with an extensive background in microbiology and studying pathogens. We’re committed to growing our knowledge so that we can provide the best solutions for our partners.

Klaran WR UVC LED Reactor systems undergoing testing procedures.

Testing Disinfection Systems to Meet Your Demands

In addition to testing the performance of Klaran disinfection systems with third parties, we conduct experiments at our microbiology lab so we can constantly study the way UVC LED systems are able to destroy pathogens based on a variety of factors- such as flow rates, dosage, operating requirements, and more.