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Klaran UVC LED Air Purification

Sensor Applications

Collect the data that matters,
where it matters most.

Continued population growth and urbanization is projected to add 2.5 billion people to the world’s population by 2050.

The resulting strain on utility infrastructure and environmental systems is leading to a worsening of water and air quality that impacts our global communities. Continued, real-time monitoring of these resources and systems protects families from contaminated drinking water, our environmental ecosystems and can optimizes industrial processes. Many chemical compounds have a specific, predictable behavior when exposed to UV light. Their absorbance or fluorescence can be used to measure the presence and concentration of a wide variety of contaminants present in water or air.

Optan LEDs and LED-based solutions offer a compact and reliable source of UV light that provides accurate, system-wide data for water quality, ozone and process monitoring measurements.

Lose The Lamp

Lamp-based systems require grab sample collection or expensive instruments to generate data. UVC LEDs enable data capture from distributed devices that are much smaller, more robust, less expensive and with longer maintenance cycles than lamp-based systems. With UVC LEDs, application-specific devices deployed in networks can generate over a million data points in real-time for better decisions.

Using UVC LEDs eliminates 40–80% of instrument costs.

Key Applications

Water Quality Monitoring

Clean water is a vital resource for human consumption and industrial processes. Optan UVC LEDs can enhance online, real-time measurements and data acquisition with low power usage and high accuracy.

Gas & Air Sensing

Exposure to air pollutants like ozone, even at relatively low levels, can result in harmful conditions like reduced lung function. UVC LED-based gas sensors can deliver highly accurate absorbance measurements of pollutant concentration in the ambient air.

Process Monitoring

Production environments like power generation and petrochemical plants require continuous, maintenance-free monitoring of industrial systems that provide sensitive measurements to key contaminants and compounds.

Future Applications

With a wide range of wavelengths, ultra-compact size and proven reliability, the list of applications for Optan LEDs is constantly growing. As the need for systemic environmental monitoring becomes important on a global scale, Optan is becoming a key component in next generation sensors.

If you have a sensing application or product that could benefit from highly sensitive UVC-based measurements, let us know. Our team of engineers are here to help evaluate your application needs and provide recommendations.