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Klaran Evaluation Kit

Perfect for Klaran UVC LED evaluation and general germicidal testing.

  • All of the components you need in an all-in-one package (UVC Evaluation Kit (80 mW @500 mA) with Driver, heatsink, LEDil Violetta lens (x2), and Power Cord)
  • A quick and easy method of evaluating a single Klaran WD UVC LED, for general understanding in your applications and product validation.


A comprehensive and compact method for evaluating a Klaran UVC LED for general capabilities, in an easy-to-set-up and fully functional design board.

Klaran products emit ultraviolet light in the peak germicidal wavelength range of 260 nm to 270 nm. This provides more effective and consistent anti-microbial performance. Product designs that use LEDs in the ideal germicidal range require less total UVC mW output, electrical power, and thermal management than longer wavelength LEDs.

On-demand operation means no warm-up time delays, higher system efficiencies by providing disinfection only when it is needed, and extending useful product lifetime. 

The performance and cost-effectiveness of Klaran WD UVC LEDs result in better disinfection products and allow businesses to support the United Nations Minamata Convention and World Health Organization's goals of eliminating mercury pollution.

Evaluation Kit Includes:

  • Crystal IS Klaran WD Series UVC LED (KL265-50W-SM-WD)
  • LEDil lens affixed by Audax Clamp (F17826_VIOLETTA-W)
  • LEDil lens (included as accessory) (F17822_VIOLETTA-S)
  • Mechatronix heatsink (Moduled Pico 4750-B)
  • LTF driver (DA6W500C0512LP)
  • Audax UVC PCB
  • CELERA Thermal Interface Material

Crystal IS
Module Partners


AUDAX Electronics offers standard and custom modules with Klaran WD UVC LEDs on metal core PCB. From their facility in Brazil, AUDAX provides fast response times and cost-effective, high-volume PCB assembly.


LEDiL provides a range of silicone secondary optics validated for beam focusing of Klaran WD UVC LEDs. As the largest secondary LED optics supplier, LEDiL provides trusted optics to achieve ideal beam patterns that improve cost efficiency and performance of UVC LED systems.


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