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Klaran WR Series UVC LED Reactor

Ideal for manufacturers to integrate with water dispenser systems

Looking to add or enhance water disinfection capabilities in your dispensing system? Klaran WR makes it easier for OEMs to add disinfection to existing water dispensing systems.

  • Flow rate of 0.4 to 3 Liters per minute (0.1 – 0.79 gal / min)
  • > 99.99 percent reduction of E. coli and Legionella1, as well as Pseudomonas at 2 Liters per minute (0.5 gal / min)2
  • Power input voltage of 24 Volts
  • Control input voltage of 3.3 Volts
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Designed specifically for the needs of dealer serviced POU systems, Klaran WR provides years of reliable water disinfection to reduce ownership costs and eliminate expensive emergency service visits typically encountered with UV lamp systems.

Unlike the warm first glass of water a UV lamp system delivers, or the slowed or stopped flow of a microbial filtration cartridge, Klaran WR allows dispensers to deliver both disinfection and water exactly as intended, without the sacrifices other disinfection options demand.

As a vertically integrated UVC LED technology partner, Crystal IS has an international team of application engineers who can offer hands-on guidance and support on product integration including validation of disinfection performance in your dispenser at our in-house BSL-2 laboratory. Crystal IS has the resources to help you add UVC LED technology to your water dispensing system or appliance.


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