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Klaran WS Series UVC LED Water Treatment System

Plug-and-play system ideal for water service dealers

Klaran WS is a reliable UVC LED-based water treatment system that service dealers can install in water dispensing systems and under-the-sink.

  • Integrated flow detection
  • Automatic biofilm prevention
  • Flow rate of 0.4 to 2.8 Liters per minute (0.05 – 0.74 gal/min)
  • >99.99 percent reduction of e. Coli and Pseudomonas at 2 Liters per minute (0.5 gal / min)
  • Electrical connection to U.S., EU; or U.K. wall plug adapter provided


Klaran WS comes with everything you need to add UVC LED disinfection before the point of dispense in a point-of-use water system. The integrated power supply, flow detection. control system, and water fittings make it easy for service dealers to install this UVC LED water treatment system where and when it’s valuable, regardless of the manufacturer of their other installed water treatment equipment.

Klaran WS is designed to meet the needs of dealer-serviced point-of-use installations and can reduce lifetime ownership costs and emergency service visits typically encountered with UV mercury lamp or microbial cartridge systems.

Unlike the warm first glass of water that a UV mercury lamp system delivers (or the slowed or stopped flow of an in-service microbial filtration cartridge) Klaran WS ensures water is dispensed as intended. It does all of this without the drawbacks of other disinfection options.