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Whitepaper: Three Things Medical Devices Designers Need to Know About UVC LEDs

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By Klaran

The global infection control market is projected to reach $22 billion by 2022, with disinfection products- which would include UVC devices- representing the largest growth segment.

UVC LEDs offer medical equipment designers an exciting new way to develop hand-held or portable disinfection devices to greatly enhance healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevention in a wide range of healthcare applications. Importantly, the design and operating flexibility of UVC LEDs means that these devices could be used during routine daily patient management and not limited to empty terminal room events.

Download this free whitepaper to learn the three things to know before you start designing products with UVC LED technology.


Effective Thermal Management of Crystal IS LEDs

Application Notes

AN010 - Effective Thermal Management of Crystal IS LEDs

What is Log Reduction?


What is Log Reduction?

UVC LEDs for Disinfection

Application Notes

AN002 - UVC LEDs for Disinfection